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Step 1 - The Audit

Please contact us first to express your interest and we can then confirm the total cost for your establishment. Please note this is dependent on the size and type of establishment and starts from £550 + VAT. Then, once you have confirmed your wish to be registered, you will be invoiced for the one-off fee. You will then be provided with your permanent login details as well as some useful workshop materials to help you get started on the audit.

The audit is designed to be completed in stages over a time scale to suit you. It is possible to complete the audit within a few weeks although it could take up to a year or more if you use the EQualities audit as a developmental tool to identify and address gaps in provision. A maximum of three years is permitted. Once you have made a start, you can add to, save and return to the audit at any time.

Each indicator requires a short descriptive commentary supported by attached evidence in the form of existing documentation, photographs and other forms of data. The toolkit allows you to easily upload files in one click.

Step 2 - Support and Assessment

Online and telephone support is available to assist you during the auditing process. General guidance and specific examples of evidence are provided in the toolkit against each indicator and members of the EQualities team are on hand to support you through the process.

We can provide interim feedback to reassure you that you are on the right lines – simply click the request feedback buttons after you have completed an entire section. Feedback will contain specific and detailed recommendations, where required, to help strengthen your application. You will be able to see which indicators have been ‘approved’ as well as our feedback against those requiring a little more work.

Step 3 - Celebrate your achievement!

Once the audit is completed, and every indicator has been ‘approved’ by our verifiers, your award will be confirmed and you will be able to see your bespoke e-portfolio. You will also receive a stunning engraved wall plaque and you may use the EQualities logo on your website and stationery to publicise your commitment to equality!