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How do I register?
Simply call us on 01202 461923 or email us with details of your school, academy or children’s centre and we will confirm the cost for your establishment and answer any questions you may have.

Who is eligible to apply?
All types and phases of schools, academies and children’s centres are welcome to apply. It is important to emphasise that the EQualities Award is not just for organisations with diverse populations; legal duties relating to equality are applicable to all.

How much does it cost to take part?
Costs are variable depending on the size of the school/children’s centre and start from as little as £550(+VAT). We aim to keep costs to a minimum.  Costs cover unlimited access to the online audit tool, professional support and guidance from the EQualities team, all feedback and assessment, your bespoke portfolio of evidence, stylish wall plaque and use of the EQualities logo.

Are there any hidden costs?
No, the one-off cost covers all of the above services and products.

I’m a little concerned about the workload involved, how onerous is it?
The audit tool is necessarily detailed but has been designed with busy professionals in mind and can be completed in stages. It is certainly not a tick box approach but the audit does not require a great deal of written text. Only a short commentary is required for each indicator and it is very easy to upload supporting evidence. You may take up to three years in which to submit your final audit.

Who would be the best person to complete the audit?
It is usually helpful to identify a lead individual with responsibility for uploading but in order to collect the widest range of evidence, a collaborative approach involving key post holders such as Inclusion manager/SENCO, EAL coordinator, nominated Governor and family liaison worker is recommended. We will provide workshop/training materials to help generate discussion and the early identification of evidence. This will also help to disseminate the workload and make it more manageable.

What happens if our submission is not considered to be strong enough to achieve the EQualities Award?
Our aim is to support you throughout the process so that you can achieve the best possible portfolio of evidence and be awarded for your commitment. Informal feedback is available upon request and, once you submit, it is not a pass/fail situation. If necessary, you will be provided with written feedback containing advice on what you could do to improve your responses and strengthen your portfolio.

Who is the awarding body? The awarding body is EQ Associates – an independent organisation comprising a team of experts in the field of equality in education. Our associates are all experienced Ofsted inspectors, head teachers, LA equality advisers, researchers and academics.

How long is the Award valid for?
The award is valid for three years. After this period, you will have the opportunity to re-submit your maintained and expanded portfolio of evidence for verification.